Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't had much time to write - but now have oodles of time on my hands... long story short - I started having contractions Tuesday night - and am supposed to rest and keep my feet up. Who other than me thinks this is a great idea - but totally insane? Our house is already in shambles - can you imagine what will happen if I'm completely out of commission???

I have some meds to stop the contractions - they seem to be lessening the effects (not stopping all together) - but not as painful. I'm still 6 1/2 weeks from my due date - so it's a little early for this guy to make his appearance. I'm hoping and holding out for 37-38 weeks...

In other news - A is being a horrid-green-eyed-sassy-back talker little girl these days. Sometime in the last two weeks she figured out she can argue and talk back - and insists on getting the last word in. Which drives D and I crazy. I'm not sure why she continues the behavior - it never gets her anywhere - unless you count standing in the corner in time out or receiving spankings something fun.

J is acting out as well - just got a call from daycare that for the second time this week he bit a "friend" while they were playing. His teacher says he's been more whiney than usual - which we've witnessed at home - and playing rough. I think it's two things - 1) he's outgrown the toddler room and needs to move up to the 2's room as soon as space is available in the room with the teacher we want, and 2) he's seeing A act out and is following suite.

I think A's behavior stems from her realization that another baby is coming soon - J is just seeing her struggle and struggling himself.

In my professional opinion as a child psychiatrist, of course.... but as their mom - I can't see what other changes may be taking place in their little worlds that would precipate such a behavior change.

Keep your fingers crossed that D makes some significant progress on his nursery remodel - I need to get in the room so I can start washing/putting away baby stuff and getting ready. I think coming home armed with prescriptions to stop labor might have done the trick.

Oh, and in final news, I'm kicking you-know-what in my basketball.bracket this first round. I'm #1 out of 70 (male) participants. All those boys who harassed me about picking teams based on the color of their uniforms can stuff it where the sun don't shine! :) Of course, that will surely all change by the end of the weekend - I can pretty much depend on that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jury Duty

Where I've been all...week...long...

Don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated to see our judicial system at work. I'm one of the wierdos who actually wanted to be selected for a trial.

I just didn't anticipate how tedious video depositions would be... or how long this would drag out... or how much of an inconvenience I would be since I have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes...

I'm hoping and praying we get through closing arguments tomorrow so we can deliberate and reach a verdict...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was a nasty weekend weather-wise in Columbia - so we braved the children's museum, along with every other parent who had the smart idea to get their kids out of the house. This was J's first visit and A's first visit in a long time (so long she didn't remember it) - and they had a tee-total blast. The Curious George exhibit is currently visiting - and J was delighted.

Here is J - letting the bunnies out - just like George in the book we often read.

Saying hello to George and giving him a pat on the back.

Some of the original manuscripts - the kids could have cared less about this part of the exhibit, but I loved it!

A hugging George - and smirking her smirk-ey smile.
J and D - NOT wanting to sit still and hug George. There was too much else to do to sit still daddy!

A doing the weekly shopping at the kid-sized Piggly Wiggly.
We stayed about two hours, then my inability to deal with mass quantities of children with parents who have no control over them and let them run wild kicked in - and we had to leave. I understand that you're tired as a parents (believe me, I get that) but letting your big kids run amok, including pushing mine around, bossing them, grabbing things away from them, and generally being rude is not acceptable in my book.
So, we headed out, took the kids to lunch, and then home for naps.
So then the "snow" discussion began, including the weather-people forecasting several inches of snow. This unfortunately always happens when we have no food in the house - meaning I have to brave the grocery stores, and fight elbow to elbow for use of a shopping cart, then navigate past the people stocking up for the inevitable power losses we will experience with such a blizzard - you know, by buying carts full of canned goods, bottles of water, batteries - oh, and every last gallon of milk and loaf of bread out there.
I finally made it home after TWO hours in the grocery store, with our food for the week. And thank goodness I did - because of that horrible snowfall. You know, the one that made all school districts cancel school at 6 pm on Sunday evening. You know, the one that the weather stalled, and not ONE freaking flake fell in Columbia? Yeah, that one...
Thankfully, the Children's Center actually stayed open - following the University's weather policy who operated on a two hour delay. For once, our kids' school was one of the only ones open, so D and I could both get to work and not have to take an unplanned vacation day - you know, for all of that snow...
Sunday evening we had an impromptu dinner gathering - my good friend N and her two girls EG and AM came over for a play date in the afternoon - that turned into dinner. I'd made a huge pot of in-the-oven-beef-stew - which makes way more than we care to eat (I only do leftovers once). The kids had a great time (EG is A's bff) and they played princess, dressed up, cooked in A's kitchen, and colored. AM drifted in and out of playing with the big girls, while J just got in the middle of it all and was the typical little brother.
It was a fun afternoon and a nice evening to share with another set of grown-ups - who could tune out the screaming and playing and carrying on that four kids age four and under do when allowed to dine together.

Baby Boy's First Picture

Our second ultrasound appointment with the high-risk OB went very well yesterday. We had a repeat scan due to a measurement being off at our 20 week anatomy scan. At that time, one of the kidneys had a borderline measurement - which could have been due to a myriad of things - or nothing at all.

Thankfully, there was no concern this go-round, and Baby Boy Long looks happy and healthy. Whatever measurement that was off had corrected itself, and his kidneys and all other major organs appear to be functioning well. The technician did have some trouble getting him to sit still - as soon as the wand was placed on my belly she said "woah - we have a wiggler in there!" No kidding lady, this kid keeps me up all hours of the night with his antics. Pray with me that he settles down after birth... :)

She did do the 4-D ultrasound after we asked - but due to his position, his size (being totally scrunched up), and his wiggling - it was hard for her to get a better shot than the one above. The scanned picture is more grainy than the one she printed out - but you get the idea. He looks so much like his big sister and brother - with the big Long forehead and little button nose. And the 4D ultrasound is so cool - we got to see him moving his mouth like he was sucking or chewing or swallowing. So freaking cool!

All in all, a great check-up - he is measuring right on at 31 weeks 4 days, in the 64%, and at a whopping 4 lbs. already.

We are so thankful. And so blessed. And so anxious to meet this little guy and learn his personality.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Bouncing at Leapin Lizards

My Thomas the Train "choo choo" cake.

Can I eat it now Daddy?

Train sugar cookies mommy made for my party.

Playing with my new Handy Manny Toolset - and fixing mommy's fridge.

Chocolate cake - yum!!

Blowing out my candles on my birthday cake - but I really wanted to touch them not blow them ...

My Curious George birthday cake (for my dinner with the family on the 19th.)

My first "big" wheel!

Opening gifts.

Cupcakes and treats at school on my birthday.

My birthday morning!